Event Pre-Registration, Membership Status and Release for Saturday Day Pass

I hereby affirm that I am 18 years of age or older for a ‘Saturday Day Pass’, or 21 or older if purchasing the optional Day Pass ‘Upgrade’. I agree to hold harmless and indemnify StL3, Inc., Beat Me in St. Louis, Spanksgiving, St. Louis Bash, St. Louis Leather & Lace, the event hotel, the hotel’s restaurant, and any and all of their employees, officers, directors, agents and, or assigns from any and all liability, direct, indirect, subrogated or not, vicarious, or otherwise, which may accrue as a result of any accident, injury, cause of action, or damage to my person or property, or any other damage of any kind as a consequence of my attendance at this event.

I understand that “professional scene” people may not attend this event as a paid escort of an attendee, nor under any agreement to provide any BDSM services or activities for compensation, nor shall they distribute any promotional or advertising materials, nor solicit concerning any such services. I understand that prostitution, solicitation, or negotiation for any sexual or BDSM activities for any consideration, or any agreement to exchange sexual activities or BDSM play for cash or for anything of value is strictly prohibited and will be grounds for removal from all activities without refund or other consideration.

I understand that my registration is NOT transferable to any other person under any circumstances.

I understand that there are NO REFUNDS.

I affirm that I am registering under my legal name; I understand that I will be required to provide photo ID and that my registration may be canceled without refund or other consideration if I have not registered under my legal name or if I have attempted to purchase someone else’s registration. I understand that the event organizers reserve the right to refuse or to refund any registration or membership application for this event, and if that occurs my payment will be refunded in full.

I hereby certify that I am not an employee of any law enforcement agency, or that if I am, I am attending this event solely for my personal enjoyment and not as part of any investigation nor in any other official capacity.

I certify that I am not a member of the media, or that if I am, I am attending this event solely for my personal enjoyment and not as part of any investigation or gathering of information and that I will not use any such information in any manner without the express written permission of StL3, Inc . 

I agree that everything that I observe here will be kept in strict confidence and I recognize this as a contractual obligation and that I will do nothing to jeopardize the privacy and identities of any other attendees, Members, or of the event hotel without the express written permission of StL3, Inc.

I agree that if I create any descriptions or accounts of any activities at this event in any way, I do hereby transfer any copyrights of any such materials to StL3, Inc. at this time by my signature below.

I certify that I am attending this event for my personal enjoyment and that I understand that in so doing I will be exposed to BDSM, D&S, S&M activities that some people might find offensive, but I hereby certify that I do not find such activities offensive and that I consent to being exposed to such activities at this event.

I understand that NO FIREARMS of any type are permitted in the event premises and that anyone found to posses any type of firearm shall be immediately ejected from the event.

I further agree to abide by all Event Rules and Dungeon Rules which I will receive upon arrival at this event.

‘Saturday Day Pass Ticket’ – $89

By clicking on the button below, you acknowledge that you have read, understand and agree to the aforementioned ‘Event Rules’.

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