Tamed, better known simply as Jack, is a queer, poly, masochistic bottom and self-described “science experiment.” They entered the Milwaukee kink scene publicly in 2009, but have been engaging in kink in some form or another for over a decade. Having recently relocated to Saint Louis, MO, they are immensely excited to be exploring a new community and forming new connections with people.  Jack has a wide variety of kink oriented interests and passions, such as RBP, Primal play, needles, electrical play, fisting, and strap-on play/pegging, but perhaps their biggest fetish is curiosity and collecting new experiences.  So Jack often finds themselves, quite happily so, in the lion’s den by volunteering as a demo bottom to other presenters they have had  the privilege of meeting and befriending over the years.

When not exploring and experimenting with new and different types of play, Jack maintains a large online presence through freelance blogging about kink, LGBTQ issues, and poly relationships, as well as moderating several online kink oriented forums. Jack gains a large amount of personal fulfillment and satisfaction from helping others so they also donate their time as a “volunteer survivor” and resource  to other victims of abuse and sexual assault


Managing Triggers In Kink Contexts

Many people are familiar with the concept of triggers, but learning to cope and deal with them can be both frustrating and painful.  Geared both towards people with triggers and the partners of people who have them, this class is meant to demystify and debunk various misconceptions surrounding what can be an immensely sensitive topic.  In this discussion/lecture based class we aim to answer some fundamental questions: What is a trigger? How can I balance having psychological triggers and still have a fulfilling kink life? How can I be supportive to a partner that has triggers? What do I do if I accidentally stumble onto one during a scene? We will also discuss setting personal boundaries around known triggers and bringing up this sensitive topic during the negotiation process. .

Fisting 101: Fisting for Every Body

For many people the notion of fisting (either anally or vaginally) can be a downright intimidating concept. In this hour long overview we cover general safety, barrier protection, lubricant dos and don’ts and some general techniques for both anal and vaginal fisting that are perfect for the fisting curious and first timers.

Out of the Box

Gender is perhaps one of the most fundamental aspects of an individual’s identity, however, like many aspects of an individual, gender cannot always be neatly filed into a set number of categories with neat characteristics. Most people are accustomed to the notion of there simply being two boxes (and ONLY two boxes) that everyone’s gender fits neatly into. The objective of this discussion based class is to serve as a launching pad towards greater awareness and understanding of those whose gender lies somewhere outside of those boxes.