kate, silverpet, is a passionate member of the St Louis BDSM Lifestyle community. Kate is a collared submissive and is celebrating her 15th anniversary with her Mistress. She is the founder and current facilitator of the Metro Submissive Forum, and also hosts the submissive ODYSSEY Retreat. She is a member of STL3 and has served with the group as their Senior Submissive, Educational MC Member and on the Board of the organization. She is a past multi year Major Events Chairperson for Beat Me In St Louis and Spanksgiving. She, along with her Mistress, Mistress Silver, have developed and currently present a basic DM seminar and a Med Room DM seminar for the St Louis and surrounding communities. She is a participating member of FLOG. She has had the privilege of being a presenter at Beat Me In St Louis, Spanksgiving, Galleria Domain2 and LLC. Her most favorite community activity is, well, she is a masochist, so being on the receiving end of a whip or belt would be right up there. That aside, she takes great joy in volunteering in many positions and being an active member in a thriving community. She is at home in the St Louis BDSM community.


>> What To Expect When You Are Expecting,
A Guide to a Great Weekend! <<


Are you new to the world of BDSM? Is this your first immersion weekend? Are you curious about your options? Want to know what the hotel has to offer? Who do you ask if you have a question? Do you have “burning” questions that you need answered? Silverpet will walk you through the ins and outs of this 3-day event.

This up-to-her-ears-involved-with-the-Saint-Louis-Community submissive will orient you to the event, the hotel and the dungeon. From vendors to puppy play, she will answer all your questions or make certain you are pointed in the right direction to find your own answers. Bring your questions with you, and ask all you want.

Please bring your program book and event schedule with you in order to highlight the activities you don’t want to miss. She wants to help you have the very best event possible!

Cookie cutter submission

Cookie Cutter Submission is a facilitated discussion group for submissives, slaves, and switches who are primarily submissive. Come join in a conversation with others whose lives are similar to yours. We will start the seminar with a moment to reflect on the weekend and then explore how something you imagine integrates itself into your life and evolves into growth. Change often happens in very small ways (big ones also but those are easier to see), how did change manifest itself in your life over the weekend? Bring your thoughts, concerns, and successes with you. Take new ideas, epiphanies, and encouragements as you leave. Join together as we embrace change in A Time of Transformation.