Scott & Lyon

Scott and Lyon live in a 24/7 M/s dynamic and describe their adventures as a true comedy of errors, lust and yes, delicious pain. Seeing as how they are still together and neither has killed the other so far though, they figure they must be doing something right.

They currently hold the titles of Indiana Leather Pride Master and slave 2017. They truly enjoy getting out, meeting new people, and opening up their lives to share what life really looks like on the inside of an M/s relationship. They have been fortunate enough to present in multiple cities throughout the Midwest and learn as much as they share every single time.

Scott and Lyon are active members of IMAS, MAsT: Indianapolis, NLA Indianapolis, and the Indianapolis Bootblack’s Laboratory. Scott currently serves on the board of IMAS as treasurer and Lyon is director of MAsT: Indianapolis.

In the five minutes per week they have otherwise, they share their lives with the slobbery love of their lives, their English Bulldog Rosie. 



Cigar Play

Visualize a dark room, soft jazz playing in the background, leather couches, a hot submissive at your beck and call, simultaneously your foot stool, cigar concierge and ashtray…. if you’re not horny yet, there may be no hope for you, but come to this class anyway and learn about how cigar service can be a sexy element added into your play. Basics of cigars, tools, and hot fuckery will be shared. (This is a demo format best done out of doors or in smoke friendly places, if you don’t light the cigar, it’s really not as fun!)

Orgasm Torture

This class is both informative and slightly pornographic for your viewing pleasure. The educational component focuses on various methods of forced orgasms, denial, control and various methods of delicious torture, along with safety and methods for setting up the perfect scene for your madness. Applicable to both male and female anatomies. The demonstration portion is you guessed it – orgasm torture. Fun for all of your friends!

Self – Care for Submissives (by Lyon)

As the saying goes, you cannot pour from an empty cup, and nowhere is this truer than for those who spend their time taking care of others. If you don’t take care of yourself, there will be nothing left for anyone else. It’s hard to play with a broken toy! This class will explore self-care as a concept as well as discuss practical ways submissives can implement self-care into their daily lives for their own well-being.