MsDemanda is a deviant ball of sass local to central Ohio. With several years under her belt in the local community and working with Adventures in Sexuality in a myriad of ways, she has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and diverse experiences. Edgy and empathetic, serious yet silly, she is thrilled to share her knowledge and experience on personal empowerment, balancing Kink & Real Life, and darker forms of play.


Consent 301

Breaking the presenter-talks-at-you mold, this round table style class is designed to get community members talking about the nuanced parts of consent we often overlook. Designed to give you the tools and topics you need to discuss the more complex issues of consent in your home community, this class creates a safe and dynamic environment to explore all areas of consent and kink.  While there are set talking points pertaining to consent violations vs consent accidents, reporting consent violations, and navigating consent issues in power exchange relationships, this is a class that relies on your input! You’re more than welcome to come and simply listen to the discussion, but having questions and comments is encouraged.

Don't Be So Creepy, Creeper!

We’ve all heard it. Maybe we’ve said it ourselves. Or maybe, and worst of all, it’s been said about us: “That person is creepy.” No one is immune from being a creeper! In this class, we’re going to explore what “creepy” means in it’s many different forms, and how it manifests in the kink community. We will be discussing how and when this label is applied, what it means when you’re called creepy, and what we can do to change people’s perception of us.

We’ll be taking a humorous look at all things creepy – in typical MsDemanda fashion, be prepared for swearing, blunt responses, and tiny flags!

No, and Other Hard to Say Words

In our community, we stress the importance of enthusiastic consent, and advocating for ourselves. But it’s all easier said than done sometimes, isn’t it? Especially for those of us that are new or feel really uncomfortable with rejecting others. Saying No, even when we know we should and we want to, can be an enormous challenge for some.

And that’s okay – In this class, we will explore some of the reasons why saying No can be so difficult. We’ll discuss ways that we can discover what our boundaries are, and how we can comfortably communicate those boundaries to others. And lastly, we will be discussing what to do when our boundaries are not respected, as well as red flags to look out for.