Ms Cynthia & Dimitri

Ms Cynthia’s involvement in the sex positive/leather community extends too many areas. She has presented 100’s of educational programs for many BDSM/Leather organizations all across the country on a variety of subjects. She has spent many hours volunteering and working to help build community support and relations on local and national levels.  She is a past Secretary and a past Chairman of the Board of the Leather Leadership Conference and serves on the LLC Emeritus Board. She is an Emeritus Coordinator with Threshold, in Los Angeles. She was honored with the “Mother Earth Award- 2007” by The Orange County Imperial Court and has been inducted into the College of Mentors of the Orange Coast Leather Assembly as well as a recipient of numerous other service awards.

Cynthia does outreach presentations on sexuality, BDSM, body modification and body art at the college level in southern California.  She teaches a series of ongoing BDSM/Leather related Skills Workshops at her studio for members of her local community that have been successful for over 9 years.

As an author, some of her not so fictional short stories are published in a collection of short erotic pieces written by women, aptly named CLITERATURE. She has written a series of articles for Body Modification Ezine on temporary and permanent genital modifications. She continues to write.

Her studio practice, CM HURT, in Orange County, Ca, includes piercing, branding, scarification, tattooing, beading and permanent cosmetics. Articles about her work have appeared in Fetish and Taboo magazines and she has been featured in documentaries on the Playboy Channel, BBS One Radio and The Learning Channel. She has worked with the San Diego Museum of Man as a lecturer during their exhibit, Body Ornamentation: Artistic Representations of Self. She is also a guest lecturer for the California Environmental Health Inspectors on the topics of Branding, Artistic Cutting, Health Safety, and Running a Body Art Studio.

Ms Cynthia is recognized as a successful and skillful professional Dominatrix of over 20 years experience. Her ability and enjoyment of all levels and facets allow her great versatility. She loves to play!

Dimitri is a retired attorney, currently serving as a judge, and is a 24/7 slave/husband to Ms Cynthia.
We don’t give paper handouts. If you would really like handouts for our workshops, simply email a polite request to and we will be happy to send it to you via email. You can also reach us via Fetlife; MsCynthia or dimitriWright, but do include an email address for handouts!

Vampirism / Blood Lust

One of the great Taboos and forms of extreme edge play in our community. The other side of the coin; one of the most spiritual/primordial forms of play available to us. Few are in between. You are captivated or repulsed. We will cover what it is that elicits such emotional responses from us. Why would anyone want to engage? How to engage with minimized risks. Introducing your partner to this. Overcoming objections. Dealing with emotional responses and last but not least, how to clean up the mess. This presentation is not for the squeamish, there will be sexy blood play!


Role Play or an excuse to be mean? Maybe both. If you have a difficult time stepping into the role of being mean, no matter how well your partner begs, this may be the class for you. It will help you learn how to utilize Role Play to become the super bitch that you need to be. We will explore the psychological aspects  of this and delve deeply into how to get the answers that you seek. This is suitable for all levels and will add a new dimension to your play!

Sutures, Staples and Super Glue

Medical Play is just so much fun. Everyone loves playing Doctor or Nasty Nurse. We are going to narrow down the toys this time and examine how to use Sutures and Medical Staples to enhance your play. What can we possibly sew or staple shut? Ohm just any and all orifices that present themselves. Tools will be supplied and you have the opportunity for hands on training. Come get your evil doctor on!