Mistress Jackie & Mz Emily

Mistress Jackie: My passion as a Dominatrix is to help people loose their inhibitions and cross over into another realm. I especially enjoy Forced Feminization, Medical Play, Spanking, Foot Worship, Pampering, CBT, Chastity, Bondage, Discipline and AB Mommy. With 20 years experience, I have been successful in pushing people’s limits without going over them. I have 2 well equipped dungeon locations, one in Illinois and Missouri.  *Guest of Honor DomCon Atlanta 2015 *Presented at DomCon LA, DomCon Atlanta, Spanksgiving, Beat Me in St. Louis, QPEX *Co Founder of QPEX (Quincy Power Exchange)
Mz Emily: Greetings, I am a strong, Sexy CD Domme. As a Dominatrix, I enjoy my foot worshipers, the creating of sissy sluts, OTK Spankings, Mummification, and I have even been known to do some AB sitting. I am a Guest of Honor DomCon Atlanta 2015, the current title holder of Miss DomCon LA 2012, & 2014, Miss DomCon Atlanta 2014, 2015.  I have presented at DomCon LA, DomCon Atlanta, BMSL, Spanksgiving, and QPEX representing the CD point of view in the Transgender Community. Don’t be shy. Strike up a conversation. I do LOVE the attention.  I am is fun loving and enjoy socializing. So don’t be shy to offer a hug or strike up an interesting conversation but be warned! I love to be the center of attention so you never know what may happen.

Cross-Dressing & Relationship dynamics.

This dynamic is very common but not always know to both parties in the relationship. There is no way to be super accurate, but studies vary between 5% and as high as 20% of men have cross-dressing tendencies. This class will be the story of our journey of 20 years of marriage dealing with this issue. We will be open to answer as many questions as possible. This class has been entertaining, educational, and empowering every time.