Master Wolf & Lea

Master Wolf began his journey and was “Embraced” into the BDSM/Leather/Lifestyle in December 1992, and has been an active member of local Communities since fall of 2001. Raised in the Scene around the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan area, He lived in the Haunted City of New Orleans from July 2005, and was “transplanted”to St. Louis and the Illinois side of the “Show Me” State in May 2011.Master Wolf is now proud to call Collinsville home.
Lea found herself to be lifestyle even before knowing what lifestyle was. From practicing blade play to general kink in early relationships. In November 2011 Lea learned about BDSM for the first time at a Taboo night at Hustler Club St. Louis. Now Lea lives in the Collinsville area surrounded by her wonderful leather family.
Master Wolf founded and was an Officer of The Dark Masquerade, Inc., a professional BDSM Role-Play service, established in June 2003. He is the creator, organizer and co-host of TABOO, a recurring monthly Fetish Theme Night at the St. Louis Hustler Club, providing unique venues for members of local Communities in multiple cities, to gather together, socialize and play, since its original conception in Baltimore, during the summer of 2004. Master Wolf served two terms as Chairperson for the NOBLE Council in New Orleans, and helped to develop the “Introduction to BDSM” newcomer orientation (Workshop). He is the Founding Member and President of
Maison de Deux Loups (House of Two Wolves®), and continues to support the local Community by co-hosting monthly Play Parties and educational Workshops with his Leather Family. Master Wolf is proud that His House continues to be a Supporter of BDSM Events such as Spanksgiving and Beat Me in St. Louis, has been a Sponsor for the Master/slave Conference in Washington, DC, and remains grateful to be a Coalition Partner with the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom.
Lea is a current Prospect of the House of Two Wolves. Though before prospecting, Lea attended the House of Two Wolves’ monthly play parties from the year 2011. Since then she has attended many lifestyle functions such as munches, Fem Dom, Spanksgiving, Beat Me STL and continues to support the monthly play parties.
Master Wolf believes in a fluid synergy of tradition and protocol, surrounded by role-play and fantasy. He see no reason why ideals and play scenes described in masterpieces of fiction such as Anne Rice’s Beauty Trilogy cannot be combined with the harshness depicted in Laura Antoniou’s Marketplace, while utilizing modern philosophy and real-world technique to create unparalleled experiences.
Lea feels that everyone should get to feel sexy and enjoy their kink, in their way. She believes that non-judgement is one of the best things this community offers and happily shares the joy and pleasures of others in her Poly heart.

"Once Upon A Time…”, Role Play in a Scene

Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? Well… that depends which side of the teeth you’re on! Having spent most of His childhood in and around the theatre, it should come as no surprise that Master Wolf loves to incorporate a little drama in His play scenes. Beginning with a “new and improved” practical demonstration with His Angel, Lea, Master Wolf will
spend this workshop discussing the almost countless ways to “heat things up” with a creative and artistic flare. Topics such as theatrical individual play scenes, hosting theme parties, role-playing, and the importance of simple details like music, lighting, props, and limited décor will be presented.

Love Without Judgment: Living Monogamously in a Poly World

In today’s Kink Community, it seems that every other workshop is about Polyamory. What it is. How to talk about it. Having successful poly relationships. And countless reasons why polyamory needs to be defended. But what about the population of the Kink Community who are monogamous? Where are the workshops that offer information, suggestions or support on how to negotiate the seemingly insurmountable pressure monogamous BDSMers feel living in “Poly World?” This workshop is more of a “round-table” led by Master Wolf (who identifies as polyamorous) and His Angel, Lea (who identifies as monogamous), as they endeavor to broach such topics as; Having a Poly Heart, Monogamy Doesn’t Mean Vanilla, Presenting as Poly, and Shame on Your Monogamy.