Renaissance Kinkster, Rope Aficionado, & Proud Member of Team Slutty!

LqqkOut is a Minneapolis-based sexuality educator and rigger, as well as a prior moderator for the Minneapolis TNG group Min-KY. While mostly focusing on career and family in recent years, he’s been returning to the kink event world with new perspectives and refreshed excitement.

Since 2006, he has spent a ton of vacation days and weekends traveling around the country teaching at sexuality events. Self-admittedly a rope-geek at heart, he enjoys helping folks of all genders, play-styles, and sexual orientations gain confidence and build skills through workshops, demonstrations, and discussions.

LqqkOut’s long list of presentations, events, and class materials can be found at his website http://www.kinkfriendly.org

And as always… “USE THE BIG HOLE!


How to Torture Friends and Influence People

We’ve heard a lot about the nice way to tie: comfortable cuffs, nothing around the neck, don’t block circulation, and so on… A lot of good that will do when you’ve got a feisty bottom! So for this class, we’re going to talk about the hard stuff. We’ll cover ties for takedowns and stressful positions while evaluating the dangers they introduce into the scene. Bring one or two lengths of rope and get ready to play rough!

Introduction to Japanese Style Rope Bondage

This workshop covers the basics of rope bondage. We’ll cover safety, negotiation, rope types & care, basic knots, and learn a few basic ties to start you down the path of using bondage in your erotic play. This will be a very informative jump start for those of you who are new to rope. The class handout is available at http://www.kinkfriendly.org. Solo and partnered attendees are welcome. Participants are encouraged to bring at least two 30-foot lengths of 6mm (1/4″) rope and their imaginations.

While there’s no way I can cover all of the included information in a single presentation, I’ve written this handout as a take-home primer and reference so attendees have ample information for getting started in their explorations: [Rope 101 Handout]

Rope Bondage Lab

LAB – Intermediate Bondage Skillshare – Interactive Demo

Practice what you learned in Intro to Japanese Bondage and pick up some tips at this hands-on, student-driven workshop. Along with answering student questions, we will cover some decorative elements of bondage and apply them to more restrictive positions. Solo and partnered attendees are welcome. Participants are encouraged to bring at least four 30-foot lengths of 6mm (1/4″) rope and their imaginations.