David Lawrence

David Lawrence has been a master of expressive portrait, social function and people photography for more than 25 years. During that time styles and fads have come and gone but David’s methods have remained true and effective. The tenets his work is based upon are not a matter of style but of substance.

David became interested in Shibari, the Art of Japanese Rope Bondage, in early 2003. With a keen artist’s eye, David recognized the inherent beauty of rope on skin. Shibari quickly became a passion, one that developed more intensely as he worked with and experienced the magic of rope. David’s talent and skill truly emerged as he delved deeper into the art of tying rope. His ties are meticulous, intricate, intense and beautiful. In fact, they are all true works of art.

David’s gift to us is his ability to expertly blend his two passions; rope and photography. As a result, his striking images communicate sensuality, eroticism, and the force of raw emotion. His use of lighting, angles, and sheer creativity is the key to his poignant imagery.


Open Forum for Beginners and Intermediate Riggers

This forum will explore questions and techniques of those in attendance.  There is no predetermined presentation prepared.  It is all about what you want to learn, clarify and try.  So, bring a partner, rope and desire to explore how rope bondage can open up a whole new world of exploration.  The opportunities are endless.

Rope, Hot Wax and more

Rope and hot wax are one of my favorite combinations to play with at home. The combination of rope and wax can add a dimension to play that is beyond exciting. It is TITALLATING!!! Come and join me for a class demonstration and discussion on how to include hot wax in your rope play. Want to know how to remove the wax from your ropes? I will share with you my tried and true method. It works every time. This class it hot, pun intended, and sensual with a BDSM twist.

Open Discussion on Photography and Rope

This is a very special combination to me, one that I am passionate about. The intention of this discussion is to take away the mystery of capturing images of rope bondage. We will explore how to use minimal lighting with maximum results. This class will use portable lights (small on camera flash units that are OFF the camera). Natural light will also be explored as a real possibility for capturing your subject in good light whether, dramatic, glamorous or fashion oriented. Cameras may be permitted with the approval of the event management.