Blk_Diamond has been an active member of the St. Louis community for 6 years. Not only does Blk_Diamond have 20 years of martial arts experience, but he is skilled in numerous styles of play that continue to grow every year. Most known for his skill in impact, Blk_Diamond has continued to be dedicated to his own education and the education of others around him with an open mind. Blk_Diamond has taught throughout the St. Louis region for Reodeo Drive, FemDom, Club Fem, STL3, GenKink, and even for Riverbound’s Annual Vender Fair in Iowa. He is passionate about every thing from impact to sensation play making him well rounded in his ability to teach. Blk_Diamond teaches a variety of classes including canning, flogging, impact, sadistic wax play, knife play, and how to make a toy bag on a budget. 

With a sadistic sense of humor, Blk_Diamond makes learning more interactive and rememberable in his impact classes. The mechanics of the body, rhythm, and timing are focused on in his impact classes allowing both the top and bottom to create a unique experience together. Blk_Diamond’s impact classes include the proper techniques for floggers, belts, canes, rough body play, and even pressure points. Any who attend are sure to leave with several good laughs and a new outlook on impact.


Knife Play

This is a beginner to intermediate class on using knives as a sensation tool during play.  THIS IS NOT A CLASS ON CUTTING.   The class will focus on the following:

  • Safety First (always be prepared)
  • Care and maintenance (Let’s keep’em clean)
  • Selecting your knives (Ooh, shiny)
  • Getting to know your tools (Hold my beer and watch this)
  • Sensual aspects of knife play

The focus is not to cause pain, but to use the sensation of a blade to elevate your partner and float them to their happy space. We will cover many aspects of this type of play. From choosing the knife for you, to how to clean and sharpen your knives to keep their edges sharp. In this class you are encouraged to bring your knives as there will be time set aside for everyone to put these new skill to work.  

Please be mindful that we are dealing with sharp and dangerous tools.  Be respectful of others, and use common sense before you pull out a live blade in this class.  We are all adults and must understand the risks with this type of play.

Impact 101

What if you ordered them as they happen?  Starting with Negotiations? Or building the connection?

  • Safety
  • Misconceptions on body types
  • Negotiating the scene
  • Building the connection
  • Warm up !!
  • Don’t be a Dick !!
  • Rhythm and moving to the beat
  • Body mechanics

We will focus on safety, common sense practices, and how to build a connection from both the Top and Bottom’s perspective. This class will be interactive and people are encouraged to bring their toys.  While this isn’t a free play session, enough of the class will be devoted to hands on learning.  The goal is to form an open relaxed workshop to allow everyone a chance to learn and grow.   This class is designed for the beginner to intermediate player and is hands on. So bring your toys so we all can enjoy the fun.