Bill of Sensual Paddles has taught Erotic Spanking all over the country.  He is also a paddle maker and owner of Sensual Paddles.  He has a line of paddles that are loud, thuddy and tend not to leave bruises.  Sensual Paddles also has a traditional line of discipline toys that have become highly favored by disciplinarians and spankos.


Erotic Spanking for Couples

Spankings can be foreplay, an erotic multi-orgasmic end it itself, or anything in between.  Its main goal is for the pleasure of both partners. They are not the harsh painful ‘wood shed’ spankings of your childhood memories.

Learn how to:
-negotiating for the optimal pleasure for both partners
-prepare your partner for spanking
-erotic undressing
-use bare hands and paddles for optimal pleasure
-position your partner for comfort and ease
-why the emotional side of an orgasmic spanking is ‘sticky’ and aftercare is a unique bonding experience.

Find out more about:
-brain chemistry
-nerves and skin
-anatomy for spanking
-using all five senses in playing

This class will teach techniques that work, and things to avoid, so that you and your partner will have the best spanking experience possible.  It is interspersed with couples trying out what you learned with a skill instructor there to coach you.  Bill will loan out paddles for the class.

Couples of every preference who want to enhance their spanking technique for optimal pleasure.  While singles are fine, you get the most with a partner.