Bebe is a very active, joyful submissive, super foodie and a playful service topping bottom!  A FetLife Greeter Alum of 4+ years, Bebe enjoys being the first contact for many that she greets and guides into the kink community.  An overly active member of the local St Louis community for nearly a decade, she has contributed much, teaching at her local groups; StL3, FLOG_StLouis, Submissive Odyssey.  You may have also seen her present at Madtown Kinkfest or Kinky Kollege, or setting the NCSF Table at COPE/Winter Wickedness.  Bebe now owns her own venue where she teaches or sponsors speakers presenting on a wide range of topics affecting our alternative lifestyle & sexuality groups. Bebe is a current Board Member of NCSF and Coalition Partner Rep for StL3, a long standing, St Louis Mo based, BDSM group which focuses on education, support and social interaction for persons living alternative lifestyles.  She is a mother of a TNG kinkster, an IT Professional and kinky business owner!  Her passions are service to the community (as you can see!), education and personal responsibility through empowerment.


The Topless bottom, Single in the Scene

Some people find the lifestyle when they are single and are looking for ‘The One’.  Some are single by choice, some by incident or accident.  No matter the reason, facing our lifestyle alone can be a daunting task. How does one combat the loneliness?  Is ‘Surrogate Submission’ helpful?  How do you handle your inner masochist in a positive way?  What can combat the ‘Puppy Dog’ or clingy effect when playing with someone new?   Does the adage of ‘Advantage vs. Power’ still hold true in D/s?  We’ll look at these different facets of WIITWD and how being ‘Single in the Scene’ can affect our decision making process.