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Event & Play Space Rules

Printed copies of the rules will be available at the Registration Check-In table and in the Event Program Book. They are also posted here, so that all attendees have additional time to familiarize themselves with the rules in advance of the event. This is a “living document”, and it is periodically updated.


1. No cameras, mobile phones, video or audio recording devices, laptop or tablet computers, or any other personal electronic devices are permitted in any of the common areas of this event.

2. All attendees must have a visible Event Badge at all times, in all common areas.  Badges may be removed during Playspace play but must remain immediately available.

3. Each attendee, once admitted to the event, assumes personal responsibility for their consent and participation in any event- and/or Playspace-related activities.

4. Do not touch another person’s belongings, property or body without express permission to do so.

5. Firearms (including non-functioning replicas) are strictly prohibited.

6. The use of all toys/tools is restricted to Playspace and/or seminar spaces.

7. Please use common sense and courtesy in all common areas of the hotel.  There will be NO PLAY outside of the Playspaces.

8. A towel or other barrier must be laid on any chair or other seating surface before sitting with exposed buttocks, genitals or the presence of blood and/or other bodily fluids.  Genitals and breasts must be covered in all food service areas.

9. Prostitution, solicitation or negotiating for sexual or BDSM services for compensation are ILLEGAL and shall not be tolerated.

10. STL3, Inc., its Board of Directors, the Event’s committee members, its DMs, hotel management, and any officers, directors, employees, staff, agents, successors or assigns of any of the foregoing shall not be held liable to any attendee for injury or damage to person or property incurred as a result of attendance of this event.

11. By registering for this event and entering into any of the event areas, you acknowledge that you have read these rules, understand them, and will abide by them and that you assume all risks incident to your attendance at this event.

The Playspace Monitors are present to ensure compliance with the Event/Dungeon Rules.  Playspace Monitors are identified by a yellow sash with “DM” on it.  DMs reserve the right to modify or end a scene and escort non-compliant attendees from the Playspace.  DMs are also present for any questions or concerns by attendees during Playspace hours.

12. DMs have the final decision.  DMs have the authority to stop any scene that violates the Event/Playspace Rules, or is unsafe or abusive.

12. The official designated event safeword is “SAFEWORD”.

13. If a scene involves gagging, covering the bottom’s mouth, or otherwise restricting the ability to speak, you must use a Drop Object.  If you do not have a Drop Object of your own, please see a DM for assistance before playing.

1. Attendees are required to bring and use their own supplies as needed to prevent the transmission of or exposure to bodily fluids, including (but not limited to): tarps, drop-cloths, waterproof pads; appropriate containers for used needles or sharps; condoms, gloves or other barriers.  Attendees are responsible for disposing of these items in a safe and sanitary manner.

2. A waterproof or impermeable barrier must be used to protect equipment and furniture from sexual activity and fluids.

14. Do not interrupt a scene.  If you have questions for the participants, save them until the scene is finished and aftercare is complete.

15. Keep conversation quiet in the Playspaces, or move them to social areas outside the Playspaces.

16. Water is the only beverage allowed in the Playspaces.  Glass drinkware is prohibited in the Playspaces.

17. If your scene or play involves heavy, rough or unusual play, please inform the DM in your scene area before you begin.

18. If you are uncomfortable with someone else’s scene, you should simply step away.  If you feel that a scene is unsafe, please inform the nearest DM.

19. For participants’ safety, suspensions are permitted only at designated stations.  If you are unsure of a structure’s suitability for suspension, please see a DM for more information.

20. Whips in the Playspace areas are limited to a maximum total length of 5 feet from end to end, including handles, crackers, etc.

21. Fire play is limited to a designated area protected by flame-resistant floor coverings.

22. All corded electrical devices must be plugged into a Ground Fault Interrupter (GFI), and not directly into wall sockets.

23. Scenes involving wax play must be limited to designated areas with a protective tarp on the floor.

24. All medical play, needle and cutting scenes are limited to our designated Medical Playspace and only during times when a Medical DM is on duty.

25. Shoes or sandals are required within the Medical Play area. It is strongly suggested that shoes or sandals be worn in all Playspace areas.

26. For any needle play which leaves the sharp point of the needle out of the skin, a cork or similar covering must be placed on the needle tip if the person is to leave the needles in for any length of time (e.g., walking around the event to show off their artwork).

27. Breath play and carotid artery manipulation/compression are both prohibited.

28. Watersports, scat play and vomit play are all prohibited.

29. Restraint of any material may not be fixed or attached going from around someone’s neck to any outside connection point (such as part of a structure or play equipment/station), nor may any restraint connect from a collar around the neck to any outside point.

30. Attendees must clean play stations before AND after scenes, with the cleaning supplies located throughout the Playspaces; this includes properly and safely disposing of any used barriers, gloves, pads, towels or other one-time use items.

Last Updated 11/15/2017

Frequently Asked Questions/Answers

Can I use my phone in the Smoking Area, since it’s outside the building?
No. The designated outdoor smoking area is part of the overall Event Area. Mobile phones (and all other electronic devices) are prohibited there, just like anywhere else, including hallways, stairwells, and bathrooms in the Hotel and in the Convention Center.  The only allowable areas for phone use is in the front portion of the lobby (beyond the black curtains), outside the hotel (except the smoking area) or inside your hotel room.

Does the no mobile phones/laptops/tablets rule include vendors?
Many of the vendors use laptops, phones or other smart devices in order to manage their sales and transactions. These devices ARE allowed for those purposes only – by vendors – and only in the vendor area. Vendors may use such devices only for the purpose of sales/vending/accounting purposes, and only within the vendor mart area.  The cell phone rule pertains to all other devices or uses not pre-approved by the Event staff, in all Event areas.

Are condoms/barriers required for insertables or other penetrative activities?
For both of these situations, condoms are encouraged because they make cleanup much easier. However, condoms are not actually required for insertables or penetrative devices.  What is required is some kind of waterproof or impermeable barrier, such as a plastic sheet or “puppy pad”, underneath in order to protect the floor, furniture or equipment you are using.  Beyond that, we trust you all to make your own decisions regarding your sexual health and safety.

Bring your own supplies, including chucks. We understand that sometimes, in the spur of the moment, you might be unprepared. However, it is your responsibility to purchase and provide all that you need in order to scene. Please plan ahead and pack what is necessary, including sharps containers, condoms, and barriers. Thank you!