Guide to a Great Weekend!

What To Expect When You Are Expecting, A Guide to a Great Weekend! is a class scheduled at 4:30PM on Friday. Are you new to the world of BDSM? Is this your first big event or immersion weekend? Are you curious about your options? Want to know what the hotel has to offer? Who do you ask if you have a question? Do you have “burning” questions that you need answered?  Silverpet will walk you through the ins and outs of this 3-day event.   For more information, check your programs

Friday Night – Meet & Mingle

The Meet & Mingle is a fun and friendly social gathering that meets in the Main Event Area prior to the Dungeon Opening on Friday evening.  Enjoy an orgy of magnificent desserts, ranging from the finest imported Belgian chocolates to the sweetest home-made cheese cakes, cookies and brownies by local pastry chefs, served with freshly brewed roasted Seattle Brand coffee and assorted hot teas.  This early evening social gathering is designed to help you find old friends and make new connections just as the weekend gets into full swing.  Members of the Event Staff will be available for questions and introductions. Come join the fun and let’s Meet & Mingle!

Satisfy your sweet tooth with decadent desserts

  • Reconnect with old friends
  • Meet and make new friends
  • Enjoy introductions to potential play partners
  • Meet some of the presenters and event staff

Play Parties – Friday & Saturday Evenings

The evening play parties are held inside the 10,000 sq ft Event Play Space.  In addition to an expansive Main Play area, there is also a large fire play area, a medical play area, and a separate quiet play area with soft music. The Main Play Space is an open floor plan that includes spanking benches of various heights and types, St Andrew’s crosses, swing frames, bondage spiders, racks, padded tables and platforms, hitching/whipping posts, A-frames, rope stations with suspension points, roughhouse/take-down mats, a 4 x 4 cage and much, much more.

There are many comfortable seating areas for those who enjoy observing and music is provided by our in-house DJ. For the safety of all involved, the Dungeon Master/Mistress oversee the play parties with a staff of Dungeon Monitors (DM’s) to ensure that all activities are safe, sane and consensual.

Silent Auction

Hosted by RobertTheBlackHeart & HisPussInBoots: Bid on an assortment of toys, clothes, jewelry, leather goods, crafts, art work, gifts and other items generously donated by our vendors, STL3 members, and the local community. Help raise money for a worthy cause!

Auction opens Friday at 4:00PM
Bidding closes at 8:00PM
Auction reopens Saturday 9:00AM
Bidding closes Saturday at 7:00PM
Pay and pick-up winning bids Saturday 7:00 to 8:00PM (in the Auction area)
OR Sunday from 10:00AM to Noon (in the hallway leading to classrooms)

For questions and/or donations, please contact the auction coordinators at:

Mentoring Dungeon Session

Facilitated by Steve-StLouis, the Mentoring Dungeon provides a two-hour Hands-On opportunity for both Tops AND bottoms to observe, learn and experience various types of play techniques, as well as share your ideas and knowledge, in a supervised and comfortable environment. Some of our Presenters will be in attendance to share their skills, provide demonstrations, give advice and field your questions.

If you are a bottom with questions or wondered what a particular type of play technique actually feels like, this is your chance to give it a try and experience a new physical sensation. Likewise, if you are a Top with questions or a desire to learn a particular play technique, we will teach you!  The Mentoring Dungeon begins Saturday afternoon at 1:00PM and wraps up just prior to the start of afternoon classes at 3:00PM. ‘Come & Go as you please’ – Arrive at your own convenience, stay as long as you like, and leave at any time. Sit and observe, wander around, ask questions, try something new or dive in and try everything. The choice is yours.

The Mentoring Dungeon will be staffed with experienced, knowledgeable individuals who posses expertise in various types of S&M play, including impact play, rope/bondage/shibari, electrical play, whips, floggers, canes, paddles and many other skills. Whether you identify as a D-type or an s-type, Top or bottom, new to the world of BDSM or an experienced veteran, we are always learning and evolving.  Come learn with us!  The Mentoring Dungeon is open to all attendees, including Saturday Day-Pass holders. Join us for this unique Hands-On learning experience.



The indoor, heated swimming pool awaits you.  Don’t worry if you forgot to pack a swimsuit – the pool is ‘clothing optional’ and it’s open all day and all night!  Take a long, soothing, dip in the pool and relax those sore muscles after a long evening in the dungeon.

Friday Midnight Buffet

Food, food, food…. nom, nom, nom…. (Free; Open to all attendees)

A typical ‘Midnight Buffet’ begins with a variety of fresh green salad makings with several dressings. Choose from a variety of thickly sliced cold cuts including roast beef, imported ham or breast of turkey complimented with cheeses like pepper jack, sharp cheddar and baby Swiss, presented with an assortment of fresh baked breads and rolls. For the health conscious, a wide variety of fresh fruits such as honeydew, cantaloupe, pineapple and strawberries, as well as raw vegetables are offered.  Depending upon the menu of the day, three to four hot ‘finger foods’ are offered. A typical selection includes chicken wings, meatballs, spanakopita, and toasted ravioli. Complete your meal from a large assortment of desserts ranging from cookies and cheese cakes to chocolate pies and brownies. The fresh brewed coffee is always strong and piping hot. There are also assorted teas complimented with fresh lemon slices.**

** Typical buffet menu. Food offerings vary year to year.

Saturday Midnight Buffet

Even more food, food, food…. nom, nom, nom…. (Free; Open to all attendees)

Review: “The catering staff kept everything replenished as needed. Although guests are welcome to return for seconds or thirds, I was too stuffed to get out of my chair after just one turn through the buffet line.   I had fresh salad, a delicious roast beef sandwich, some fruit, a few chicken wings and some meatballs, a couple of toasted ravioli and a slice of cheese cake the size of Rhode Island.  My girl had to roll me out of the banquet hall in a freakin’ wheelbarrow. OMG!  Everything was perfectly prepared and tasted delicious.  The same meal at a local restaurant would have easily cost $25. I am amazed that both buffets, Friday and Saturday evenings, were included in the price of our event tickets!”. –S.H., St. Louis, 11/20/11

Pet Play & littles Activities

Calling all Littles and Pets! Come play in a positive and fun environment with like-minded friends! Bring your own items with which to play, or share in the fun with some of the activities provided in the Littles and Pets Play Area.

Some activities we will be enjoying:

  • shrinky dinks
  • coloring
  • cupcake decorating/Teddy Bear Tea
  • Pet play area
  • Cotton Candy (make your own!)
  • Life size kitty teaser
  • Laser Light
  • Puppy/Kitty Toys & Snacks
  • Game table
  • Friendship Bracelets

We look forward to seeing you there in all of your Little and Pet glory!

* Activities offered are subject to change year to year

Kinky Shopping

From floggers and paddles to corsets and shoes, our shopping mart offers quality vendors from around the nation to procure a special toy or gift. This year, we are proud to bring you fifteen fabulous vendors!

For links to each of these vendor’s web sites and products, see the Vendor page

Tattoo Artist

Denny has been tattooing professionally for ten years and has completed well over 5,000 tattoos. He is the lead tattoo artist and the Manager of ‘Flam-N-Dons Tattoo and Body Piercing’ in Granite City, IL.  Although Black & Gray and realism are his favorite styles of work, he is a highly skilled artist in all other styles. Denny was self taught and has refined his work over the years with the help of other artists in the business. He was honored to be invited to participate in a casting call for Spike-TV’s popular Inkmaster television show and has lectured on the topic of symbolism in tattooing for an introductory class at SIUE. His client base hails from all walks of life from New York to Los Angeles. Some of his best work may be seen on Jsin’s leg. More of his work may be found HERE